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Grover has a problem. To get what he wants, he has to become something he never wanted to be—a hero.


After the mysterious death of his father, Grover is set to inherit the family fortune. With his inheritance, he’ll have security and a life of ease as a gentleman duelist. Everything Grover has always wanted. But to get it, he must first produce a male heir within a year. Except time is running out, and his conniving younger brother has poisoned him, so he can’t reproduce.


With two weeks left, Grover sets off north to find a “sure thing” cure in the small city of Parda. But what he finds is trouble. While waiting for the local apothecary, he is mistaken for a hero and ends up killing the town villain.


Now Villains R Us wants him dead, and the only person who can help him survive is Cilla, a feisty but uncoordinated wannabe hero. To find his cure, he’ll need to team up with Cilla and be the hero everyone believes him to be.


It’s a race against the clock to find the cure before the villains kill him—or his brother inherits everything.

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In the second book of the Heroes, Inc. fantasy parody series, everything is on the line for the heroes, Grover and Cilla: the fate of the republic, the future of their partnership, and their lives.


After losing seven missions in a row, the heroes are on the verge of breaking up and being fired by Heroes, Inc. But they have one last chance to redeem themselves and turn everything around. They must win the Hero Cup for Heroes, Inc.


But winning the Hero Cup won’t be easy. Grover and Cilla must unite the barbarian nation of Hoven before the evil necromancer Heinous Hans unleashes a deadwalker invasion at the next new moon.


However, no one seems to want Grover to unite the nation of Hoven: not the barbarian lady, Winona, he is supposed to marry, not the barbarian lord Erich, who wants to rule all of Hoven, nor Evil Doers Unltd, who wants Grover and Cilla dead—or undead.


Can they save the republic and win the Hero Cup before it’s too late?

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In the third book of the series, the fate of the Republic is once again in Grover and Cilla's hands—but this time, they are fighting on different sides.

Grover is hired by Heroes, Inc. to stop his evil brother Ragnar from becoming elected Governor of Jolinstive and using the army to take over the Republic.

Meanwhile, Cilla has joined Villains R Us and is helping the devious villain Cancer stop all opposition to Ragnar.

It's hero against hero—with the fate of the Republic on the line.

June 2024
Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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